dolomite in furnaces

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Dolomite in Furnaces –

Dolomite is a dry carbonate mineral which is made of calcium magnesium carbonate or CaMg(CO3)2. The rock type of dolomite is called dolostone. Dolomite is closely related to another mineral called huntite.

Dolomite plays an important role in the iron and steel industry. It is used in blast furnaces in the industry. Dolomite is also used as slag in the process of removal of gangue particles from iron ores.

The use of dolomite in blast furnaces

Dolomite is used in the production of iron because the amount of MgO as a slag can be prefixed by using a different amount of dolomite. During the filtration of iron by blast furnace method dolomite is either used in sintering method or directly inserted into the furnace. In the sintering method, the workpiece is heated at high temperatures, compression can also be used in this method but in this case liquefaction is avoided.

Uses of dolomite in the Iron and Steel industry

In these industries, dolomite plays an important role. Dolomite is used as a refractory material,  slag former and as a slag modifier. The process of iron making is the reduction of iron ore to produce iron. Iron ores generally contain unnecessary materials called gangue such as Alumina and Silica with some Sulphur and Phosphorus. We can remove this type of impurities using Cao or MgO by mixing it with gangue particles. This will form slag which will consist of low melting point compounds such as silicate, calcium aluminate, etc. After this step, CaO and MgO are charged along with other raw materials in the form of dolomite. This dolomite firstly decomposed into CaO or CaO+MgO which then combine with gangue to form slag. Now the slag can be removed by simple heating techniques.

Addition of dolomite through sinter is preferred because the CO2 present in the dolomite will be removed in this process. In the case of sintering, the particles of dolomite are crushed to a size of 3mm. However, in the case of direct feeding lumps of dolomite are used. You can contact us at +919001234111 to buy Dolomite. At Mahaveer Minerals, we take care of quality of our products and clients. We export our products to Singapore, Sri Lanka, Oman, Taiwan, Philippines, Yemen, South Africa, Swaziland, Mauritius, Africa, Burundi, Gambia, Tanzania, Algeria, Ghana and all other Asian and Middle-East countries. If you want to know more about products, please visit our website.

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