dolomite as flux

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Dolomite as a flux in ore separation is one of the major use considering the price of it. It is a dry substance which consists of Calcium Magnesium Carbonate as its main substance. It is one of the forms of limestone which are obtained when limestone is mixed with different compounds. Its rock type is also known as dolostone. Dolomite is used as an ornamental substance, as a source of magnesium oxide and it is also used in the process for the production of magnesium. When limestone contains a significant amount of magnesium, it is called dolomite. Moreover, it is used to remove unnecessary material from an ore because we can treat it like a flux.

How Dolomite can be used as a flux?

Dolomite as a flux in ore separation

Flux is a substance which acts as a cleaning agent, purifying agent or as a flowing agent. Fluxes can have multiple operations at a single time.

Dolomite is used in the Steel and Iron industry to remove unnecessary material from the ores.

It is mixed with oxides of magnesium or calcium which will create a substance called flux. Flux will have a low melting point and due to this property of the flux, it can be removed easily by using heating methods that take advantage of different melting points in a substance that contains different compounds.

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