Quartz 25/150 In Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Approx Price: Rs / Ton

We have of repute of being precursor firm influential in manufacturing and supplying superior quality Snow White Quartz Grains. These grains available with us in known for uniformity and high purity traits are processed from excellent form of snow white quartz grains. With the use of high-end technology, The specialty of your product is its is Hard & Pure.

Chemical composition

Sio2 = 99.5% Max.
Feo3 = 0.02% Max.

Reasons of purchasing with us.

Regular supply
Hard material
Direct supply

Usage of snow white quartz grains

1. In snow white quartz grains manufacturing
2. Artificial marbles
3. Glass industries
4. Steel plants
5. Ramming mass manufacturing
6. Quartz powder manufacturing
7. Ferro silicon
8. Silicon gel
9. Solar panel


1) Material type: 100% natural white quartz stone ;
2) We are running our own mines and production in India. Our factories and mines are situated in Tonk, Rajasthan.
We are producing more than 50,000 Metric ton.
3) Variety: Rough material, crushed, power form, polished, shaped and unpolished.
4) Color: White


• Definite composition
• Longer shelf life
• High effectiveness

Other Details:

Quartz Grits/Grains (0.063 mm to 6 mm)
Quartz Silica Sand (2 mm to 0.1 mm)
Quartz Powder(0.15-0.025 mm)
Quartz Lumps(1 to 15 inches)
Quartz Blown Dust

Product Description

•Main Contents = Quartzite
•Color = White
•Sio2 = 98% Min
•Fe2O3 = 2% Max
•Linear chrarging rate (%) = 0.14
•Grain Size (mm) = 1.2 -5MM
•Suggested Storage Life = 6 month in dry condition
•Packing = 50Kg liner Bags

we are the profound manufacturers and processors of Natural Quartz Crystal which is generally found in sand. It comprises silica (silicon dioxide). This is processed by using pure sand and latest equipment to get pure snow white quartz grains. To ensure the quality and purity this is examined using various quality parameters. Further it is used in cosmetic industries. This is known for fashionable pattern, gorgeous design and durability. Our clients can avail this from us at reasonable price.

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