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Bentonite Clay

Bentonite is a natural clay of the smectite family. Bentonite Clay usually forms from weathering of volcanic ash, most often in the presence of water. It has a strong earthy odor when breathed upon or moistures and consists essentially of hydrous Alumina silicate with various impurities.

Rajasthan Super Fillers Private Limited, Rajasthan, India is counted as reliable manufacturer and suppliers of Bentonite Clay. Our bentonite clay are highly acclaimed for their purity and efficiency among our clients, due to our processing from high quality raw material and modern technology. These Clay are available with us in various specifications as per clients’ needs at market leading price.

Features of Bentonite Clay :

• Mud constituent for oil and water well drilling
• Crucial adsorptive properties
• Considered as an animal feed supplement
• Exchange ion for improvement and conditioning of the soil

Benefits of Bentonite Clay :

• Good flowability during filling
• Leads to good casting surface
• Wide moisture tolerance
• Suitable for all kind of soil surface of Pilling, Drilling & Earning
• Little loss of drilling fluids and easily various operation.

Applications of Bentonite Clay :

• Foundry Industry
• Ceramics Industry
• Coal Briquetting Industry
• Cosmetic Industry
• Electrical Eating Industry
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Animal Feed Industry
• Drilling Industry
• Pilling Industry
• Construction Industry
• Civil Engineering Industry
• Agriculture Industry
• Fertilizer Industry

Bentonite Clay Used for :

• Sealing the borehole walls
• Removing drill cuttings
• Lubricating cutting head
• Removing impurities in oils

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