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Both limestone and dolomite are the rocks which are made up of carbonate. When magnesium level of limestone reaches a certain level, that limestone is called dolomite. But what is the real difference between these carbonates? Let’s take a look:-

Limestone –

Limestone is a carbonate which is found at the upper rock layers of the earth. The carbonate rocks of the sedimentary layer are called limestones. About 10% of the rocks in the sedimentary layer are limestones. Limestone has many uses, it is used in toothpaste, it is used in paints, as a soil conditioner, etc.

It is also used as slag in the iron and steel industry. The slag which is formed by limestone has a very low melting point which makes the process of gangue removal easy.

Dolomite –

When the amount of magnesium is reached at a certain level in the limestone, it is converted into a different carbonate known as dolomite. Unlike limestone, dolomite has industrial uses. It is used an ornamental stone, a source of magnesium oxide and a necessary substance in the process to produce magnesium. It is also used to maintain the pH level of water in aquariums.

In the steel and iron industry, it is used as a flux which acts as a cleaning and purifying agent.

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