quartz and silica in india

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Quartz and Silica are both made of Silicon dioxide, but with different size and chemical composition. It is like asking the difference between Diamond and Graphite, both are made of carbon, but have different chemical structure.

Silica is the primary source of silicon. Silicon is never found in free form of Si on Earth’s crust, so it is present in form of SiO2. Since sand availability is not an issue, Silica is easy to mine and relatively easy to process. Silica can be said synonym of SiO2 (Silicon dioxide), it is present on earth as sand naturally in pure form. Silica is available in both crystalline and amorphous forms. These are fine sized grains

Whereas the Quartz is bigger and rough.
Quartz also consists of silicon dioxide, but silica is pure form and quartz may have other minerals. Quartz is also abundantly available in many type of stones, whether it is igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic. It is present in form of hexagonal prisms. Quartz is mostly present colorlessly naturally. Almost every mining operation has quartz in it because of its abundance. You can buy various types of Quartz and Silica from Mahaveer Ceramic Industries. Contact us on +919001234111 for more information.

quartz and silica in india
quartz and silica in india

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Industrial purpose of these two materials is making glass, foundries, ceramics, construction, quartz slabs and chemical industries.

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