quartz powder

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Quartz Powder / Lumps / Grits is a very common mineral present in all types of rocks.
Rocks are generally classified in 3 types Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic. Quartz is available in all three types of rocks.
Here in our area quartz is extracted from Feldspar mines and some area it is freely available over the soil.

Extracted quartz lumps is processed in our machines mainly ball mill and grits plant and convert it in the different type of quartz.
When Quartz is crushed and brought into powder form, it is known as Quartz powder. Quartz is the form of silica, it has different chemical orientation than silica but has the same chemical formula that is SiO2 (Silicon dioxide).

Superfine quartz powder has one of a kind physical and substance properties and assumes a critical job in numerous regions. Its high-temperature opposition, warm extension coefficient, piezoelectric impact, reverberation impact, and the exceptional optical properties, is a conspicuous job in some cutting edge items, particularly in aeronautics, aviation, gadgets, hardware, and IT enterprises.

We have Quartz Silica powder with Maximum Purity Of 99.75% Sio2. The Mesh Size is available from 100 mesh to 300 Mesh. This sand is super white in color and available in 0.1 mm to 3.0 mm also in mesh size like 8/12, 16/30, 24/60, 30/80, 50/150.
Mahaveer Minerals is one of the best Quartz Powder Manufacturers, Suppliers in India. We also provide Quartz Grits and Quartz Slabs at an affordable price. We are exporter of Quartz to China, South East Asia countries (mainly Vietnam, Thailand) and Middle East Countries like UAE, Saudi arabia, Qatar etc.

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