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Botanical name: Amaranthus

Amaranth Grain is a gluten-free sustenance and a wellspring of complete protein. It contains all the basic amino acids, including lysine, which is deficient in many grains. High in fiber and a decent wellspring of magnesium and iron, Amaranth Grain is an awesome expansion to your eating regimen. This little powerhouse is ideal for gluten-free and veggie lover eats fewer carbs. Amaranth Grain has a natural, nutty flavor and can be cooked and utilized as a part of bread to give an increase in sustenance and a crunchy surface. Attempt popped amaranth for an interesting breakfast oat or to make the Mexican confection, Alegria. Amaranth Grains can likewise be cooked as porridge, used to make polenta or added to soups.

One reason amaranth is rising into the bleeding edge among grains is a direct result of its surprising nourishment. It’s higher in minerals, for example, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and carotenoids than general vegetables. It has really astounding protein resources.

Health Benefits Of Amaranth Grain
Optimises Metabolism
Prevents Heart Attacks
Improves Digestion
Rich Source of Protein
Stop Osteoporosis
Boosts Immunity System
Weight Loss & Controls Diabetes

Note: It’s critical that the amaranth is put in a fine work sifter. The grain is tiny to the point that it will sneak past a customary strainer. In the event that one isn’t accessible, put the cooked amaranth on an extensive preparing sheet, and spread it in a thin layer so it will cool without bunching together.