Recycling Anti Moisture Powder

Our Anti Moisture Powder is a chemical substation of a white powder form which is used to absorb all the moisture content present in all thetypes of plastic scrap materials.if necessary,the quantity of anti-moisture powder depends on the moisture content present in the material. Anti Moisture Powder is acidic moisture free and its strength improves. The Energy charge decreases because it absorbs moisture Very quickly,So It reduces your machine and labor charges.
Recycling Molding,Blowing process(Film Blowing,Plastic Extrusion,recycling,plastic blowing,plastic Injection,PEP,LDPE,HIP,nylon and recycling material of all other plastic grade,D and plastic during plastic Injection and anti moisture powder is also widely used for degraded plastic.saliva)

moisture powder is also widely used for insulted plastics.
the importance of anti moisturepowder is that the final product is rigid and there is no porotite in it,
the better surface of the plastic particles is finished.
reduces the machine load,increases the power of the finished product,
reduces the air block incide the recycling/mold,the mining waste out of control,the screw bone reduces prduction costs due to production problems.

Product Details:

State/Form Powder
Surface of Application Recycling of Plastic
Packaging Size (ex. 1L or 1Kg) 1 kg
Color white


  • For recycle plastic dana best economic grade.

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: 001

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