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Sodium Sulfate ‘s chemical formula is Na2SO4. This is an inorganic Salt commonly known as sulfate of soda. It has many industrial uses.

Rajasthan Super Fillers Private Limited is one of the Leading manufacturer of Industrial Minerals in Rajasthan. We are manufacturing Micronized Sodium Sulfate for LD/PP/HD/EVA Masterbatches which is 99% Anhydrous for transparent application for polymer Industries.

Micronised Sodium Sulfate As a filler in Plastics LD/ PP/ HD Masterbatches

1 – Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous (99) is in powder format, and its particle diameter is little, length-to-diameter ratio are high, and filling effect is good, it can be used as effective mineral filler to add in plastics, can toughen and intensify the masterbatch product.

2 – Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous(99) can reduce whole filler cost while not degrading the transparency of the filler masterbatch, can also save the usage quantity of resin.

3 – The Refractive index of Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous(99) is 1.6-1.7, adds the transparency, color and luster. These properties are incomparable to any other filler.

4 – Shrinking percentage and the deformation rate of moulded plastic products can be reduced. the air permeability of enhanced film bag and ductility, improve the printing capability

Benefit Of Using Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous Instead of Mineral Filler –

1 – It will give high transparency in the masterbatch and gloss in finish product.

2 – Better dispersion, MFR, Tensile Strength and Elongation break.

3 – Environmental Friendly, Biodegradability is faster and hence Reduce Plastics Pollution

Physical Properties.

Specifications –

Anhydrous Free flowing White PowderYES
Visible ImpuritiesNO
Sodium Sulphate%99+
Loss of Ignition @600 C%0.2 max
Moisture When Packed%1 Max
Bulk DensityGm./ltr.800
Coating Fatty Acid%1
Top CutMicrons10-12
Sodium Sulphate for filler masterbatch

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