quartz grains in india

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Quartz Grains / Quartz lumps is the second most abundant material. Quartz is nothing but the most common form of silica. Its most common use is abrasive and filler application in Quartz Engineered Stone Slab manufacturing.
As it is the second most common mineral on the earth and India owns quality quartz stone in huge quantity.

Major reserves of quartz grains in India are found in the following states:
Andhra Pradesh
Tamil Nadu

The reserves of silicate are spread all over the state Rajasthan. Tamil Nadu also has some high deposits of quartz, it comes second after Rajasthan in terms of number quartz deposits.
Quartz sand is the most common form of silica but it has many impurities in it, after removing those impurities pure quartz is extracted. I recommend buying from industry in Rajasthan, Mahaveer Ceramic Industries. They provide great quality of quartz grains in India and large exporters to like China, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Vietnam, Malaysia, Qatar, Turkey, Thailand, Oman, Sri lanka, Saudi arabia etc .

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quartz grains in india
quartz grains in india