White Pebbles

We are Manufacturers and suppliers of best quality White Pebble. Supplying from Rajasthan, India.
These are also known as White River Pebbles, Granite Pebbles, Marble Pebbles, Stone Pebbles, White Boulders Pebbles, Red Sandstone Pebbles, White Pebbles Manufacturer Taj Agate India a manufacturer and Wholesale suppliers and exporters of pebbles chips,and agate items here all kinds of agate items available.Our speciality is pebbles for chips and decoration.


White pebbles are used as decorative landscaping White Pebbles and come in various colors and sizes and used in houses, ponds, fountains, luxury lounges, landscapes, fish aquarium, parks, out houses and gardens.
Polished pebbles are used at a large scale for various interior designing purposes due to their fireproof nature and low maintenance cost.

Product Information:

These white pebbles, and are Bulk bag in size.

Features and Benefits:

Durable and large decorative aggregate with naturally rounded shapes, these pebbles compliment hard landscaping and natural planting, giving your living spaces colour and texture
Allows free drainage of rainwater and prevents water loss when used as ground cover or as a topper for plant pots
Product may vary in colour

Technical Specifications

Brand Blooma
Material Marble
Colour description White
Weight (kg) 22.5kg
Coverage 0.3 m²

Dry Tumbledown, Wet Tumbled Pebbles, Round Pebbles, Oval Pebbles, dry, Silky, Polished, Unpolished, Natural


Marble Pebbles, Sandstone Pebbles, Natural Sand Pebbles, Natural River Pebbles, Polished River Pebbles, Polished Sand Pebbles
Pebbles Applications: Floor Designs, Cladding, Flooring, Exterior, Garden Area, float Pool Area, Interior, Decoration Purposed, Handicrafts
Above details are standard, can be customised as per Buyer’s Requirements too.

Dry tumbled pebbles and wet tumbled White Pebbles. The finished surface varies as dry tumbling provides the pebbles a polished and smooth ending in comparison to the wet tumbled stones.
Available Colors: White, Black, Grey, Brown, Green, Yellow, Beige, Red, etc.Machine made round pebbles pure bright and economic.

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