Dolomite Chips

We sell Dolomite in Powder, Stone, Chips form . Our Dolomite is used in making steel and iron products. Moreover Dolomite assist to maintain its quality. We offer dolamite at very reasonable prices with a best quality.

Grades Available

Iron and Steel Industry

Dolomite is used in iron and steel industry as a raw and flux material.

Ferro – Manganese

Contains MgO 19 to 20%, CaO 28 to 30%, SiO2 2 to 5% and R2O3 2 to 2.5%.


For certain commercial glass, the Fe2O3 content up to 0.25% is permissible
For truly colorless glass Fe2O3 content of 0.04% (max.) is sometimes specification

Fertilizer Industry

Contains CaCO3 + MgCO3 90% (min.) and SiO2 5% max
Inferior grade dolomite limestone of 15 – 20% MgO can be used as soil conditioner


Contains CaCO3 58 – 75%, MgCO3 28-48% and other constituent should be less than 3%.

Magnesium Metal

Contain MgO, 40.5%, CaO 58.10%, Fe2O3 0.8% and insoluble 0.6%.

Chemical Formulae



Detergents and soaps
Ink industry
Iron and steel
Powder coating
Ceramic industry


High degree of whiteness
Low moisture content
Environment friendly
Slow reaction with acids
High density

To enquiry about the desired product(s), is provided below.


  • 24 60, 50 150, 30 80, 1mm, 2mm, 16 32, 8 16, 425 600,   70 170, 170 325 etc.


  • Used in R. M paint, texture, Artificial marble etc.

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