Coated Calcium Carbonate

Prominent Manufacturer from Udaipur.

Coated Calcium Carbonate is used in ISI and non ISI Grade products as filler in UPVC Pipe, PVC compounds, Decorative Paints, Slippers, PVC sheets.

This product can also be known as Calcium Carbonate Activated, stearic acid coated calcium carbonate, uncoated calcium carbonate, Micronized Calcium Carbonate , Calcium Carbonate Powder in Udaipur, Calcite Powder, Egyptian Calcium Carbonate Powder, Egyptian Calcium Carbonate Powder, Marble Powder.
Calcium Carbonate Powder, Vietnam Calcium Carbonate, GCC Paper Grade Calcium Carbonate, Natural Calcium Carbonate,


  • Rapid and complete dispersionLow absorption at higher loading
  • Low moisture content
  • compressiblity with Polymers and other additives
  • Reduced plasticizers and other additives
  • Better Impact strength
  • Better dispersion
  • Lower raw material cost


  • Widely used in paint industries
  • As a raw material in refining of sugar
  • Low cost filler for paper
  • In ceramics application,it is also known as whiting
  • and Widely used medicinally as an inexpensive dietary calcium supplement
  • Has other medicinal uses and also used in flue gas desulfurization

Chemical Properties:

  • Calcium Oxide (CaO) 53.50-55.50%
  • Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) 95.00-98.50%
  • Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 0.20-0.40%
  • Silica As (SiO2) 1.50% max%
  • Iron (Fe2O3) 0.03-0.15%
  • Alumina (Al2O3) 0.17%
  • Loss On Ignition (L.O.I.) 42.50-43.50%

Physical Properties:

  • Whiteness 90.00-99.00%
  • Bulk Density 0.70-1.25%

Product Details:

Grade Standard Technical Grade, Industrial Grade, Commercial Grade
Precipitation State Un-Precipitated
State Of Matter Powder, Granules
Purity % 92-96
Application Chemical Industry, Plastic Industry, Paper Industry

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