Red Oxide Powder

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Red Oxide powder is most widely occuring in nature. It is the basic mineral for steel plant. Red Oxide has tremendous application in building, construction, paint and many other industries.

Red Oxide is known for its corrossion protection, inertness to alkali and chemicals. Durability of paint made with Red Oxide is very well known.

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Red oxide powder is used by many industries. It is an inorganic compound which is available in India in great abundance at different regions. It is one of the most important mineral that is used in steel plant. This article talks about some of the very popular uses of Red Oxide along with its properties which are highly supportive in making it so beneficial for different industries. Let us have a look at these different applications.

Paint Industry
Iron Industry
Tiles and Ceramics Industry
Plastic and Rubber Industry

Due to all these attributes our product Synthetic Iron Oxide have a wide application in Paints, Coatings (Decorative, Protective & Surface Coating), Colorants, Synthetic Enamels, Porcelain Enamels, Primers, Wood Primers, Dry Distemper, Cement Paints, Adhesives, Cement Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Designer Tiles, Paving blocks. Concrete application. Construction, Cement Colors , Mosaic Tiles, Ceramics, Plastics (Plastics Asphalt), pvc, Rubber products ,Paper, Crayons, Leather, Glazes, Dadoes, Plaster works. Elastomers, Textile, Inks, Fiber, Glass Polishing, Metal Polishing, Rouge Polishing, Optical Lens, linoleum etc.

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