Paint Soapstone Powder

Paint Soapstone Powder

Chemical formula for Soapstone powder is H2Mg3(SiO3)4 (Magnesium Silicate), which means 4.8% H2O; 31.7% MgO and 63.5% SiO2. Formed by the hydrothermal actions and metamorphism of magnesium rich rocks like dolomite, pyroxenite, amphibolite, seerpentine, dunite and chlorite. In pulverized form it is white in appearance. soapstone powder is also known as steatite or soapstone. Also called Soapstone powder probably due to its soapy touch and feel. French-chalk is the trade name of pulverized soapstone powder of pure white quality which is used as base for many cosmetics and toilet preparations. Talcum powder is used for its extreme softness, smoothness, shine and high lubricating and hiding power and ability to absorb oil and grease. It is chemically inert. An excellent filler. It can withstand upto 1300ºC. It has low electrical and thermal conductivity. Above all it can be easily powdered, cut and sawn. These properties in talc are of extreme value. Found in three forms, fibrous, nonfibrous and massive.
Talc soapstone powder, steatite powder.

Specifications: soapstone powder,steatite powder

Soapstone powder 300 to 1200
Partical Size : Upto d97 10 Microns
Look : soapstone powder White Powder
Water solubility: soapstone powder 0.09% to 0.10%
Oil Absorption: soapstone,steatite powder,Micronized Talc powder 25 to 42.5
Brightness :Soapstone powder 78 to 97%
CaCO3 : soapstone powder, steatite powder 1 to 6%

Industrial Applications: Soapstone powder

Pulverized soapstone powder has wide industrial applications. Filler in rubber, filler in textile, filler in plastic, filler in asbestos products, filler in polishes and soaps; as a loading agent for paper of all kinds; also used in carrier of insecticides and pesticides and for coating calcium ammonium fertiliser. Most of the rubber manufacturers use soapstone powder as a lubricant to prevent ungalvanized rubber goods from sticking. Paper industry uses 45% of the total consumption, in the domestic industry, 17% is shared by the insecticide and pesticide industries and only 3% by talcum powder manufacturers. The rest percentage of quantity is consumed in textile, ceramics, paints, rubber, foundry facing and other industries. soapstone,soapstone powder

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Highly effective
Correct formulation
Used in production of decorative paints, industrial coatings, pigment pastes, primers

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