Mica Flake

Mica flakes is Grinding or crushing of processed Mica scrap into sizes ranging from 2 mesh to 30 mesh. We prepare natural mica flakes. Grinded into various sizes from pure muscovite mica, our natural mica flakes are greatly sought after by industries involved in manufacturing of pearl escent pigment, concrete block fillers, refractory bricks, asphalt roofing felts, metals explosives and disinfectant etc.

Process to Manufacture Mica Flakes
Natural mica flakes is made from selected grade of ruby mica. While processing and manufacturing, the raw material is dried to get rid of any moisture and then screened to remove dust. After that all foreign particles like biotite, quartz, straw, bamboo (organic and inorganic material) are removed manually by hand picking process.

Applications of Mica Flakes:

Pearlscent Pigments
Cosmetic Industry as fillers
Paint Industry in form of Mica powder
Smaller size mica flakes are used in roofing felt industries and for decorative purposes
Mica paper industry as pulp
Used in sound absorption and lining of acoustic speaker cones
Oil well drilling

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