bentonite clay in rajasthan

Approx Price: Rs / Ton

Bentonite Clay is most commonly known for its use as a major component of drilling mud, particularly for Oil/Gas wells. When exposed to water, Bentonite, characteristic of all clays, swells considerably, making it ideal for protecting subterranean formations from invasion by the other drilling fluids making up the mud by providing a thixotropic effect.
Major obstacles faced during Oil/Gas Well Drilling:

1. High loss of Fluid?

2. Drilling Mud fails to transform into Filter cake?

3. Caving/Instability with Borehole?

4. Wearing off reducing the life of drill bit?

How our product/s overcomes your obstacles:

1. Shear thinning nature of the clay helps to remove cuttings from well.

2. Improved Filtrate Loss helps to Seal permeable formations.

3. Optimum Filtrate Loss helps to Maintain well-bore stability.

4. Control Fluid Loss enhances the effectiveness of hole cleaning.

5. Work as Lubricant and coolant for the drill/cutting bits.