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Where Honesty is Still the Best Policy
An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Co.
Product Range
Calcite/ Calcium Carbonate
Dolomite/ Limestone
Soapstone/ Talc/ Steatite
Pyrophyllite/ Sillimanite/ Kyanite
Stoneware Pipes
Welcome to Mahaveer Ceramic Industries
Mahaveer Ceramic Industries has come from the union of specific experience carried on in the field of MINERALS. The quality of execution, maintaining delivery schedules keeps a strong and enviable position in the presence of strong commercial groups. With rich experience, thorough knowledge and our mining operation is handled through a network of technically qualified and skilled personnel.

Mahaveer Ceramic Industries has followed the trend towards the satisfaction of customers. As we are aware of their precise demands. We believe in the principle of fairness in our dealings. We have graciously engaged ourselves in our work and earned as fair name. We supplies innovative products. Our outstanding products quality is matched by our excellence in problem-solving capabilities and complete customer service.
  Quality Control  
Mahaveer Ceramic Industries

The quality of mineral being produced is continuously checked for the Whiteness, Brightness, Particle size and Impurities during the online production process.

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