telc crude soapstone in Udaipur Rajasthan , india

Approx Price: Rs 9,000 / Ton

Soapstone Powder / Talc Powder / Talcum Powder

we are Manufactures of Talc powder and soapstone powder in Udaipur Rajasthan with capacity of 3000 MT per month of Talcum powder. With major use of Filler compounding and Master batch Our grades are most price effective.

brightness can be obtained upto 99% and Calcium contents as low as 0.5%. we make micronised talc as well with bulk density upto 0.4 to 0.45.
Our talcum powder is most suitable for the polymer compounding. Major use is talc powder for HM, talc powder for Raffia, soapstone powder for Carry bags, soapstone powder for Lamination and molding furniture application. our talc powder grade has excellent transparency and it can load up to 84% with polymer. talcum powder can be mixed up to 60% with virgin compounds.

More use for talcum powder from udaipur is The automotive and household goods markets, profiles, pipes and food packaging. Talc is the preferred additive in this application, as it imparts high stiffness. soapstone powder manufacturer, soapstone powder exporter, supplier of soapstone powder

Talc improves output in extrusion due to crystallization and better heat transfer. These benefits make talc compounds very competitive for food packaging, so there is considerable potential in this application. Specification of

Talc powder:

1)Sio2 60% to 64%
2)Mgo 30% to 33%
3)LOI below 4%
4)PH 8 to 9
5)Brightness maximum upto 99.5%
6)Whiteness maximum upto 100%
7)Particle Size Average 3 to 5 Microns Mean size
8)Packing in 25 kg, 50 kg and 800 kg Jumbo bags.

Other use of Talc :

Besides for Plastic application we are manufacturing other grades of Talc powder for following Industries:-

Talc powder for Paint Industries,
Talc powder for cosmetic application,
Talc powder for Agro products as carrier,
Talc powder for Pharma application IP and BP grades without black particles,
Talc powder for Raffia Tape,
Talc powder for PE Carry/Shopping bags,
Talc powder for Blow Molding,
Talc powder for Injection Molding,
Talc powder for Tarpaulin,
Talc powder for Strapping,
Soapstone powder for Paint Industries,
Soapstone powder for cosmetic application,
Soapstone powder for Agro products as carrier,
Soapstone powder for Pharma application IP and BP grades without black particles,
Soapstone powder for Raffia Tape,
Soapstone powder for PE Carry/Shopping bags,
Soapstone powder for Blow Molding,
Soapstone powder for Injection Molding,
Soapstone powder for Tarpaulin,
Soapstone powder for Strapping,
Talc Crude Soapstone lumps are available for grinding and export purpose from our classic mine zone near udaipur.


  • crude brushed by hand
  • manually sorted lumps
  • jumbo 1 ton bag packing


  • Used for grinding and making powder. Basically used for filler masterbatch and cosmetics.

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