Pyrophyllite powder in udaipur Rajasthan India

Approx Price: Rs 3,000 / Ton

Excellent quality Pyrophyllite. Pyrophyllite is a phyllosilicate a clay family and composed of aluminum silicate hydroxide : AlSi2O5OH. The color of both varieties is white, pale green, greyish or yellowish; they are very soft (hardness of 1 to 1.5). The specific gravity is 2.65 – 2.85. so it is very similar to talc.

Used for slate pencils and tailors chalk (French chalk) and carved by the Chinese into different kinds of small images and ornaments.

Pyrophyllite is Pale green like talc in appearance

Uses Of Pyrophyllite

Pyrophyllite Powder are easily machined and have excellent thermal stability. Therefore, Pyrophyllite Powder are added to clay to reduce thermal expansion when firing. can be used in insecticide and for making bricks.

Natural Pyrophyllite

Complete Chemical and physical properties data sheet is available on request as per usablity.


  • Used for refractory, foundry, abrasives, flux etc

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