bentonite powder in rajasthan

Approx Price: Rs / Ton

At the time of boring for Pile, the sides of the borehole are subjected to numerous external forces and pressure like active earth pressure, hydrostatic pressure, pore pressure, etc due to underground water. As a result, the side of the bore become unstable and may collapse if the soil layers remain weak.

Due to its thixotropic property, bentonite is used as a supporting fluid to counter the external pressures and stabilize the sides of the borehole.

Mahaveer Minerals Piling Grade Bentonite is a sodium based bentonite of exceptional purity procured from ores with a high composition of montmorillonite.

The main features of Mahaveer Minerals Piling Grade Bentonite are listed below:

Large Surface Area
Commendable Gelling Strength
Excellent plasticity and lubricity
Significantly low filter loss
Environmentally Acceptable
Excellent packaging enhancing the shelf life of the product
Available in quantities depending on customer requirements.