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Stoneware Pipes (Clay Pipe)
We, Mahaveer Ceramic Industries, are the leading manufacturer of salt glazed stoneware pipes. The stoneware pipes are used in sewerage systems. Apart from this it is used in many other industries like drainage, irrigation and these pipes are also used in chemical industry for transporting the highly corrosive chemical. Stoneware pipes are made of clay. The stoneware pipes manufactured by us contains high quality material, which makes it durable and long lasting. The Stoneware pipes are manufactured by a process by firing & baking at 11000c and lateron proceed for salt treatment and finally left in space for curing.
Mahaveer Ceramic Industries Mahaveer Ceramic Industries Mahaveer Ceramic Industries Mahaveer Ceramic Industries
Standard length 0.3, 0.6, 0.75, 0.9 (feet)
Sizes Dia 100 to 450 mm
6 Reasons why Stoneware Pipes…
  1. Longevity
    Stoneware pipe has very long life more than 100 years “100 years is not enough”. It is only the beginning. 2000 years old clay channels are found in Ayad near Udaipur from Mohan jo Daro and Harrapan civilization. 5000 years old ceramic pipe was found in Iraq in remainders of Baby civilization.

  2. Structural Integrity
    Stoneware pipe is a rigid material and not subject to deflect or flatten under load.

  3. Corrosion Resistance
    Stoneware pipe chemically inert providing built in protection against any loss of strength. Iit does not require any lining or protective coating.

  4. Good Flow Characteristics
    Stoneware pipe has smooth salt glazed inner and outer surface which allow smooth flow all over the filling indefinitely. Iit has good acid alkali resistance.

  5. Abrasion Resistance
    Stoneware pipe is virtually unaffected by flow of abrasive material material like sand, grit, gravel which are carried along the bottom of the pipe. It’s because of hard, tenacious salt glazed surface.

  6. Fire Resistant
    Stoneware pipe is baked in kiln at about 11000c. So it does not have impact of weather, heat and fire.
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