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Pyrophyllite/ Sillimanite/ Kyanite
Mahaveer Ceramic Industries Kyanite is a member of the sillimanite group of minerals. This mineralogical group includes kyanite, andalusite, and sillimanite – all of which are naturally occurring polymorphs of Al2O3.SiO2. These minerals are also commonly referred to as the 1:1 “alumino-silicates”.

Kyanite is an attractive mineral that has a near sapphire like blue color in some especially nice specimens. Kyanite has a unique characteristic in that it has a wide variation in hardness, in the same crystal.
Technical Details


50.0 - 52.0%


39.0 - 42.0%

Fe2O3 0.20 - 1.0 max
CaO 0.04
MgO 0.04
Specific Gravity 3.2-3.6
Kyanite as a Filler Impart
  • variable hardness
  • High refractory-strength porcelain
  • Exceptionally heat resistant
Where do our products go?
  • refractory and ceramic products
  • electrical insulators and abrasives
  • gemstone
  • automotive and railroad industries
  • mold wash
  • kiln furniture
  • electronic ceramics
  • pottery
  • sanitary ware
We manufacture the minerals that meets the international quality standards.
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