Super Snoe white Quartz Sand in Udaipur Rajasthan India

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1. what is difference between calcite, calcium carbonate, limestone?

Calcite is rhombical shape transparent crystal which is rare in occurance. It is very costly because of underground vein mining inside the earth. Its price varies around 3 to 5 rs per kg of raw material. Mainly used in pharma.
Calcium carbonate is CaCO3. It is not a powder or a product. It is a chemical composition. Anything which contains CaCO3 can be called as calcium carbonate powder. Calcite, Limestone, Aragonite, even Marble etc. can be termed as Calcium Carbonate or CaCO3 powder.

In common terminology, limestone is dull in colour and high in purity and low in price. It is used in steel plant, glass industry etc where color is not a very important criteria.

2. In what category marble powder falls into ?

Marble powder has a chemical composition. If the marble contains CaCO3 content, it is termed as calcitic marble and can be called calcite powder. Also, marble powder can be substitute replacement for high value calcite powder.

3. What is difference between GCC and PCC?

GCC is ground calcium carbonate. It is made by just crushing, grinding and powdering the lumps. PCC is precipitate calcium carbinate. It is made by burning the limestone to various boilers and then infusing CO2 gas to make it precipitated. PCC is light weight, pure, low silica than GCC.

4. What are various techniques of grinding calcite?

Pulveriser, Microniser with Ball Mill, China 21 Roller mill, Raymond 3/4 Roller mill are various machines used for mfr Calcite. China 21 Roller Mill and Ball Mill with microniser makes finer than 500 mesh material. 3/4 Roller Mill makes coarser than 500 mesh particle size. We can buy according to our use.

5.Imported calcite powder is buzz these days? Are they better than Indian? which of them is better?

Vietnam, Egypt are main source of Imported Calcite powder in India. Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan also have little share in it. Yes, Vietnam is high whiteness, 3/4 Roller Mill. Egypt is high brightness, light yellow tone high purity but high purity. Thus, making it also good penetration into Indian market.